There have been hundreds of studies conducted on the benefits of massage cupping. As a lymphatic massage therapist, I use massage cupping to help my clients heal after cosmetic surgery. But did you know there are many other benefits of massage cupping? My clients have gotten relief from pain, enjoyed noticeably better lymph flow, and even cellulite relief. To dive deeper, here are five more key benefits of massage cupping that you need to know about!

Pain Relief After Surgery

Many of my client’s come to me after cosmetic surgery. And as you know, all surgeries are major.  Surgery causes adhesions to form in tight areas that create problems with function and movement. This can lead to significant pain and discomfort.

I use massage cupping with my clients to help ease their pain. Massage cupping gently works those connective tissues throughout the body to loosen up tight areas.

It’s pretty technical, but the gentle sucking or pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes an intense relaxation to fall over the body. My clients report feeling instant benefits from just a single treatment.

With surgery, anything that can ease the pain and speed up the healing process is more than welcome. I thoroughly enjoy giving this treatment to my clients because I know how amazing they will feel afterwards.

Generalized Pain Relief

Massage cupping has long been known to significantly decrease lower back pain. In Ancient Chinese Medicine, massage cupping was common practice for pain relief for over 2000 years. While scientific research is still being done, the results speak for themselves.

Generalized pain relief is a common benefit for massage cupping therapy. Whether you are one of the 80% of Americans who suffer from back pain or are going through a bout of back issues, it is worth setting up a session.

Fights Cellulite

Some 90 percent of women suffer from cellulite. Cellulite is those little bumps that create a dimpled look on your legs, stomach, breasts, and thighs. It’s typically caused by a weakening of collagen fibers in connective tissue. This causes fat cells to peak through your skin which creates those dimples.

Unfortunately, regardless of how fit you are, you can still have cellulite. For most of us, cellulite is a matter of genetics and hormones. We don’t have much control over whether it forms on our bodies.

The good news is, massage cupping can help! It works by breaking up fat clusters that seemingly form under the skin causing puckering on your butt, legs, arms, and stomach. By stimulating lymphatic drainage, you can diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Excellent Complement to Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Not surprisingly, as a lymphatic massage therapist, I love massage cupping because it perfectly complements what I do. It is beneficial for relaxing tight tissues, but it also can be a gentle way of recovering from surgeries and more complex health issues.

Whether you want to sign up for massage cupping for cellulite or to feel better after surgery, this is an easy way to get you one step closer to your goal.

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to check out some of my other tips to get rid of cellulite with my recent post.