What if I told you there was a way to radically reduce the lines on your face naturally? Would you do it? I’m here to tell you that there is a way to look more youthful and radiant without Botox or cosmetic surgery. Really! I’m not kidding.

With the demands of life adding more pressure, the lines of tension on the face seem to match that added stress. The area around the eyes and forehead are the first places to show signs of stress. Why?

We are spending more time staring at screens on laptops, notebooks and smart phones, which equals more stress in the muscles around the eyes and forehead. Over time tension becomes part of the muscle memory, and it can feel impossible to completely relax this area. All those tiny muscles around the eyes and the tension expands into the forehead and between the brows with the dreaded furrowed brow.

My problematic area is my forehead with the furrowed brow. My husband helps me remember when I’m on the computer to relax my face. Somehow it seems that the more I concentrate the more deep the furrowed brow.

I’m learning to love my furrowed brow. It probably sounds crazy to hear me say that. I mean look at all the money women spend on Botox to try and erase one of the most common forms of expression. The reason I love my furrowed brow is because it has taught me how to erase the hands of time naturally.

The double LL between my eyes was growing deeper and permanent each year, until I realized my best friends are my massage cups. I heard how beneficial cupping was to release tension and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, so I became my own test subject.

Why You Need Facial Cupping

I discovered that regular massage cupping using gentle facial cups with my VacuTherapy cupping machine has been miraculous for turning back the hands of time. I was shocked at the results with two 60-minute sessions of lymphatic drainage therapy combined with massage cupping. The results are so remarkable that I had to share my experience with you.

The double LL on my forehead is completely flat after a few sessions. The horizontal lines are more relaxed. The massage cupping is also retraining my muscles to remain relaxed for longer periods of time, even during stressful moments.

There is one more benefit I did not expect. Have you ever head the expression “relax and see?” Struggling to focus only makes the eyes work harder and they tire more easily. Gentle massage cupping and lymphatic drainage around the eyes helps the muscles relax. The benefit is more relaxed and better vision.

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