lymphatic massage frequency

How frequently should I get a lymphatic massage?

June 19, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

How often should I get a lymphatic massage? That’s a question I’m asked fairly frequently. Lymphatic drainage massage is frequently recommended post-operations, particularly for liposuction, breast augmentation or reductions. In my previous post, I outlined my recommendations for individuals who have had surgery, but today I want to talk about lymphatic massage in a more…

Lymphatic Massage

What You Need to Know About Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

June 10, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

Whether you’re planning cosmetic surgery or surgery related to an illness, lymphatic massage is a great way to speed up the healing process. However, if you have not had surgery or a lymphatic massage, you might not know how to prepare for the massage or the pain after your surgery. With that in mind, I…

lymphatic massage

How to Prepare for Your First Lymphatic Massage

June 3, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

As a lymphatic massage therapist, I’ve used lymphatic massage to promote wellness in countless clients. However, I’m often asked beforehand how to prepare for a lymphatic massage to get the most out of the experience. So, I thought I would list a few helpful tips for lymphatic massage if it’s your first time. Consult With…

dry brushing

Dry Skin Brushing: 5 Surprising Benefits!

May 20, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

Recently, I’ve been posting about the many benefits of the lymphatic system and the foods you should eat to maximize it, but today I want to shift gears and talk about dry brushing your skin. There are countless dry skin brushing benefits, and because your skin is your largest organ, it is important to nourish…

lymphatic system

Lymphatic Friendly Foods To Add To Your Diet

May 13, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

I’ve recently been chatting about the importance of being aware of signs your lymphatic system is blocked, but today I want to switch gears a bit and talk about some good things you can do for your lymph system. As a lymphatic massage therapist, I know how crucial nutrition is in a healthy lymph system….

lymphatic system

5 Signs Your Lymphatic System Is Blocked

May 4, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

Chronic illnesses or irritating digestive issues have a negative impact on not only your physical health but also your general well-being. Often, these issues are related to a lymphatic blockage in your body. As one of the primary detoxification systems, the lymphatic system regulates and moves toxins away from vital organs. When that system is…

lymphatic massage

Aromatherapy & Lymphatic Massage–A Match Made in Heaven

April 24, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

In my last post, I discussed toxins commonly found in beauty products and which ones to avoid. In this post, I’m driving down the opposite road and discussing which essential oils I like to use to support lymphatic massage and why I use them. Here are my top picks to support total body wellness through…

toxic skincare ingredients

6 Toxic Skincare Ingredients You Should Avoid for a Healthy Lymph System

April 6, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

Getting and staying healthy requires a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, and well-being. One often overlooked area of our body’s cleansing mechanisms is our lymph system. Unfortunately, thanks to toxic skincare ingredients and pollution in our environment, it is becoming increasingly important to undergo regular lymphatic system drainage. To compliment your weekly lymphatic massage sessions,…


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