Common Misconceptions About Lymph Massage

September 12, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

I’ve been a practicing lymph drainage massage therapist for almost 20 years, and during that time I’ve run into some interesting theories about what I do.

I have an intense passion for lymph massage and all the wonderful things it can do for the body.

I know it works.

To reap the benefits of this time-tested and proven technique, you first have to overcome any misconceptions about it.

First, it helps to understand what lymph drainage massage is.

In short, lymph massage focuses on the lymphatic system and is a gentle touch massage therapy that stimulates the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels throughout the body. For a more in-depth explanation, head over to my blog post “What Do Lymphatic Massage Therapist Do?”

But if you’re ready to be surprised, let’s jump right into these common misconceptions about lymph drainage massage.

Misconception #1. Lymph Drainage Massage Hurts

Quite to the contrary.

Lymph drainage massage gently guides the lymph fluid throughout the body. As it does, it supports your body with detoxification and rejuvenation.

I use a gentle touch with each of my clients and always listen to their preferences. You do not have to use a rough touch to experience all the benefits from lymph massage. Quite the contrary. If the touch is rough or deep, it is NOT lymphatic massage.

Despite the gentle touch, it offers profound results when done by a professional.

Misconception #2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage involves EXTERNAL Drainage

One of the first questions new clients asked me is, “Where are the fluids drained into?”

Fortunately, there is no external drainage to lymph drainage massage, so you don’t have to worry about being hooked up to funny tubes and other weird devices.

But because the lymphatic system is an open system, which means it doesn’t have a massive muscle/pump to move fluids around like the heart and blood system, you need a massage to maximize lymphatic flow.

That’s where drainage massage plays a role. It moves those fluids around for the body so it can naturally detox.

Misconception #3. You will get sick from lymphatic massage therapy.

Once again, there is no guarantee you will get sick from a lymph drainage massage.

I always tell my clients that the lymphatic system is like a silent sewer system.

If it’s congested, you may feel tired for the few days following a session. It simply takes time to break down those toxins getting in the way of a healthy system.

And it is extremely rare to feel sick to the point of nausea. If you do, it won’t take long to subside.

Don’t fret too much about being or getting sick. It is far from an expected side effect.

Most of my client’s report feeling lighter, more energetic, and in general healthier than before their session.

Misconception #4. Lymph massage is great for losing weight.

I would say yes and no on this one.

Weight loss is complex, and while one person might just want to budge the scale another person might focus on actual fat loss.

If you’re trying to lose fat, lymph drainage massage can be helpful but won’t necessarily lead to weight loss.

If you want to lose water weight, lymph massage can be a powerful tool. Especially if you’re trying to get rid of stubborn cellulite.

However, I wouldn’t expect lymphatic massage alone to help you take lbs. off the scale.

If lymph drainage massage is something you’re interested in or if you simply want to explore the many benefits of this unique massage technique, then please contact me. I would love to discuss your goals and set up an appointment to meet you in person.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for clarifying the misconceptions about Lymph massage! More power!

  2. Cindy Sanders says:

    The gal who has been giving me lymphatic drainage massage uses a bit more pressure than previous therapists. This time it really left me thoroughly drained. Can you tell me if there are medical issues if too much pressure is used? Thank you for your time.

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Since I was not there, I cannot speak as to whether or not too much pressure was used. Unless there are severe health issues that are contraindicated for receiving lymphatic massage, there are no adverse effects if more pressure was used. It just may not have been “focused” on the lymph system.

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