How to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

May 14, 2019 BY Rochelle Clark

Did you know that your lymphatic system is one of two primary circulatory systems in your body? The lymphatic system moves immune cells and dead cellular debris through the lymphatic system to protect the body.

You can compare the lymphatic system to a silent sewer system. If one drain is clogged, it can cause a serious backup problem with the rest of the system. In our body, this translates to a build-up of toxins that ought not to be there. That’s why it is so important to know how to clean your lymphatic system.

The key to keeping drainage moving along properly is circulation. There are a few ways to cleanse, or move, the lymph fluid along in your body and that’s the subject of today’s post!

Rebound Exercises!

Do you own a mini-trampoline? If not, it could be time to invest in one! If you have a clogged lymphatic system, a mini-trampoline can create a rebound effect, and naturally, move lymph fluid around throughout your body. If you want to learn how to clean your lymphatic system, this is a key component.

Sports therapy often includes the use of a mini-trampoline. This exercise promotes healing for sports injuries. It is a low-impact exercise and it gets the heart pumping in the best ways. When the body moves against gravity it stimulates the lymphatic system and pulls lymph fluid through vessels to circulate.

Get yourself a mini-trampoline for a hassle-free way to clean your lymph system.

Eliminate Underwire Bras

Ladies, I’m telling you, one of the best things you can do for your lymphatic system is to ditch underwire bras. The wire traps toxins in your breast tissue that would otherwise move effortlessly. I highly recommend going braless whenever possible as well, since circulation in the breasts is more efficient when your breasts are allowed to bounce naturally with no restrictions.

Visit a Sauna

While exercise that gets your heart pumping is a great way to eliminate toxins, you can do the same through a sauna. Saunas heat up your body temperature and cause you to perspire naturally. However, if you have a history of lymphedema, a sauna may not be right for you. Otherwise, it is a perfectly acceptable way to reduce toxins. Also, if you’re wanting to know how to clean your lymphatic system, this is one of the most relaxing options.

Start Dry Brushing

Anyone who follows my blog knows how passionate I am about dry brushing. It feels great, improves the health of your skin, and is also great for reversing a clogged lymphatic system. You’ll need a coarse brush and a bit of practice to get dry brushing down, but once you do, you can promote a healthier lymphatic system. Check out my blog about Dry Brushing Benefits to set yourself up for success.

Receive a Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the most important things you can do to kick start your lymph system. A professional lymphatic massage can increase circulation by up to 10 times the normal volume and the effects will last for several hours after your massage. If you’ve found that your system is clogged, it could be time to call in the experts.

As a professional lymphatic drainage massage therapist, I have helped many clients achieve a clog-free drainage system naturally, and I can help you too. If you’re looking for a lymphatic drainage massage therapist near me in Seattle, I would love to speak with you. Reach out to me to learn more about this important service.

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