As a lymphatic massage therapist, I’ve used lymphatic massage to promote wellness in countless clients. However, I’m often asked beforehand how to prepare for a lymphatic massage to get the most out of the experience. So, I thought I would list a few helpful tips for lymphatic massage if it’s your first time.


Consult With Your Health Care Practitioner

First and foremost, I always recommend checking in with your healthcare practitioner before you book a lymphatic massage. This is particularly true if you are working with a medical professional for an illness you are suffering from. You may also want to inquire about what nutritional supplements to take before your massage, as there are many that can support the detox process.

Get Hydrated

Like with any massage, hydration is of paramount importance. Lymphatic massage, however, makes it all the more important. The entire point is to cleanse and destress your lymph system, and without proper hydration, you’ll only stall it.

Don’t stifle your body’s ability to detox itself. Instead, stay well hydrated long before you come in for your massage. Drink at least eight cups of water the day before and the day of your lymphatic massage. A good rule of thumb for hydration is clear urine. Staying hydrated will also prevent any post-massage illness as a result of the detox process.

Eat Very Little or Fast Before

Similar to drinking loads of water before your massage, you’ll also want to take a different approach to eating. Think of a massage as a medical process by consuming very little food before your visit. An empty, or near empty, stomach allows your massage therapist to properly drain your lymph system in your abdomen and lower organs. Having a full stomach not only hinders this process it can also make you feel uncomfortable.

Call if You’re Ill

If you aren’t feeling well, are fighting an illness or recovering from one, then you might not want as long of a session. Contact your therapist to figure out the best time to have a lymphatic massage if you’ve recently been ill. And, of course, if you are acutely sick and have a fever, it is contraindicated to have a lymph massage.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

Depending on your comfort level, the best way to have a massage is without clothing inhibiting the process. If you would rather leave clothing on, wear cotton and loose-fitting fabrics. Another option is to request that your therapist work through the sheet.

What to Expect From the Massage Experience

Now that you know how to best prepare for your massage, you need to know what to expect from the experience.

First, your massage therapist will use a light to moderate touch. Their goal is to use just enough pressure to stretch and maneuver the skin but never to cause you discomfort or pain.

During my massages, I focus on the primary areas where your lymphatic system is rich with lymph nodes. These include your abdomen, armpits, neck, and hip area. Additionally, your organs such as your lungs, digestive tract, gall bladder, and liver will also be the focus of attention during the massage.  And if you have any other areas you’d like me to focus on I’d be happy to address those as well. Many clients prefer facial lymphatic massage.

Because of the process, you may notice some sensation of lymph fluids moving. This could feel like a coolness in your fingers, tingling sensations in your hands and toes, and digestive noises.

I also always ask clients if they’d like any other additional techniques to soothe any other areas that have been a source of complaint for you.

If you’re ready to detox your body and start feeling better, then I’d be honored if you would like to book your first lymphatic massage with me. Visit my contact me page to see my schedule and get started!