Fall is in the air, that means pumpkin patches and, in some cases, new acne patches on our skin. But it doesn’t have to.

I’ve learned over the years that with season changes come changes to my skin. If I’m careful, however, I can make the proper adjustments to my skincare routine to gracefully shift from summer to fall.

As someone who has decades of experience as a lymphatic massage therapist, I have learned the importance of essential oils in body work. I also have relied heavily on these essential oils in my own personal skincare routine.

I recently wrote a post about some of my favorites, but today I’m going to dive a bit deeper into a few helpful tips to help you prepare your winter and fall skincare routine.

Fall Skincare: Opt for a Gentler Facial Wash

Summertime means faces full of greasy SPF lotions and sweat, lots of it depending on where you live. But with fall comes cooler temperatures and your skin begins to produce less sebum which leads to less grease on your face.

During the summer you’re likely using more powerful facial cleansers that rob your skin of moisture. Switch to a gentler daily cleanser when the temperature begins to fall to retain moisture.

You also might want to look into a creamy formula for washing your skin instead of a foam cleanser. Creamy cleansers nourish your skin instead of cleaning away the moisture you need.

Don’t Skip Your Moisturizer

Speaking of moisture, if you haven’t been moisturizing during the summer, it’s time to start. Weather changes can dramatically affect the moisture of your skin. Your fall skincare should keep this in mind.

I like to moisturize in the morning and at night after applying my favorite cleansers and toner. You can also dabble with specific essential oils to increase your skin’s suppleness. I like to add it to my lotions for scent and mental clarity as well.

Whatever route you go, make sure you’re applying moisturizer at least once per day.

Keep Applying Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays can speed up the aging process, and since the sun is out 365 days a year, you still need to make SPF sunscreen a part of your fall skincare routine. Choose an SPF 15 that you like the smell of and that works with your skin and stay consistent with applying it.

Exfoliate Often

Don’t gloss over exfoliation just because summer is over and you’re not taking as many selfies. Instead, make exfoliation a regular part of your routine.

Once a week exfoliation is a great start to maintain a healthy glow. Don’t go overboard, however. Over exfoliation can lead to breakouts, irritation and dried out skin. That’s not a good combo for fall and winter.

Use Your Toner

Acid toners are a great option for the fall and winter months. If you have sensitive skin, choose a toner that doesn’t burn it up, preferably something with lactic acid. This will also help with exfoliation as well.

Want in on more of my fall skincare routine tips or to learn what products I use? Then please contact me directly. I’d love to speak with you.