Here is my latest creation for nourishing dry, winter skin using lime, lemon, grapefruit, frankincense, copaiba and ocotea. I love the aromatic top notes the citrus oils bring, offset by the spicy cinnamon of the ocotea and the more earthy properties of copaiba and frankincense.

This light and cheery blend is my citrus explosion mixed with coconut and castor oil. I chose castor oil because it is well known for detoxifying the skin. It is a heavier oil and retains moisture well in colder weather. Coconut oil blends well with castor oil and is easily absorbed by the skin.

The key to blending castor oil is to use small amounts so the final result is not too thick. You want the blend to leave a soft silky feeling without being too heavy and thick. I found that 3/4 coconut with 1/4 castor oil works well for my skin, especially for arms and legs.

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What is your favorite recipe for winter skin?