Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes a new season with new demands on our minds and bodies.

Our bodies have internal clocks that know when new seasons are approaching. This means we need to tune into our bodies.

During the summer, it’s easier to stay healthy and fit. The sun is out, we’re active, and we generally feel great. But fall and winter are challenging.

That’s why I’ve listed my top 10 favorite fall diet tips to help you stay fit and healthy this fall season. Let’s jump right in!

Tip #1. Eat with the Season

I already mentioned our internal clocks, but the earth itself has its own internal clock. We get certain foods only during certain seasons. Since plants get their nutrients from the sun and soil, it is best to consume fresh produce. During the summer plants have more exposure to sun rays which gives them higher levels of antioxidants. The fall season brings new produce to the forefront.

Also, our bodies crave certain foods during the fall. Warming foods are a great idea during the fall. Bone broth, soups, and teas are ideal during this time of year. Stock up and soothe your soul.

Tip #2. Avoid Unconscious Eating

Fall is a time of rest. Unfortunately, for many of us, that translates into plopping down in front of the TV and eating. This is called unconscious eating. If you want to stay fit, then this is one of my fall diet tips you don’t want to skip. Pre-measure your foods and consume as you like to avoid over-eating.

Tip #3. Go to the Farmers Market for Fresh Foods

I love the Farmers’ Market! Grab up in-season produce such as butternut squash, kabocha squash, apples, and pears. You’re more likely to eat fresh foods because they taste better! Make this a must do this fall.

Tip #4. Stick with Smaller Portions

Avoid overeating during the fall months by consuming five small meals every day. Small meals like this will keep your energy and appetite stable, helping you avoid carbohydrates and fried foods.

Tip #5. Cut back on Processed Meats if You Overindulged During Summer

Backyard cookouts during the summer lead to overconsumption of processed meats. In fall, plan your meals around turkey, fish, and chicken. Also, try to include at least three meals a week centered on vegetarian dishes.

Tip #6. Exercise Outdoors While it is Still Warm

If you live in a climate where early fall is temperate, then try to get outdoors. Take advantage of mild temperatures for evening walks. For a fun twist on your exercise routine, go apple-picking. Soak up the sun while it’s still nice and warm!

Tip #7. Add Cinnamon to Your Meals

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love my spices. Cinnamon is one of my favorites for the fall season. It’s chalk full of goodies like fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese. I’ve added it to my fall diet tips because it also decreases blood sugar by working as a natural appetite suppressant while it gives your metabolism a boost.

Tip #8. Keep Up Your Water Intake

It’s so tempting during fall to cut back on your water intake, but don’t fall into this trap! Stay hydrated during the fall and winter by continuing to drink at least 8 cups of water per day. It prevents your skin from drying out and helps you maintain your weight.

Tip #9. Make Ginger Your New Favorite Root

Reduce muscle pain from exercise and stay healthy by adding ginger to your favorite dishes like soups, smoothies, and stir-fries. This yummy ‘spice’ is a must for the fall season.

Tip #10. Learn from Nature

Fall is also a great time to go inwards. During no other time of the year is the cycle of life and death more apparent than during the fall. Days get shorter, leaves fall to the ground, and the temperature drops. Try to make it a point to let go of what no longer serves you as you enter the fall season.

I hope you can put at least one of my fall diet tips into action this season!

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