Discover your path to optimal health with Nutrition Response Testing®

Rochelle takes your health seriously and believes proper health begins with nourishment. She uses Nutrition Response Testing® to identify the precise nutritional imbalances in your body and create a customized plan for your well-being. It’s time to bust through one-size-fits-all solutions and say hello to tailored health with Nutrition Response Testing® in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

What is Nutrition Response Testing®?

Rochelle offers Nutrition Response Testing® that is non-invasive, precise, and accurate in analyzing your body’s structural and functional imbalances. She holds a certification for Nutrition Response Testing® and leverages muscle testing and health assessments to determine the specific nutrients your body requires to function at its best. Through this personalized approach, she addresses the root causes of your health issues.

Consultation: $60

A masterful therapist and powerful healer!

Rochelle is a masterful therapist and a powerful healer. She truly has a gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking body/mind balance and healing. Rochelle has such a gentle but effective demeanor and has a special way of creative oneness and a healing environment. Not only is her work extraordinary but she is also a lovely person!

Aimee Pellegrini, Restaurateur

Delivers the right technique for each individual!

Rochelle has cared for both my patients and for myself! Her professionalism and expertise stand out. She delivers the right technique for each individual.

Wilson Wang, City Chiropractic

Fantastic to work in conjunction with your medical provider!

Rochelle has a clear understanding of how to meet her client’s needs while still providing effective touch. She is fantastic to work in conjunction with your medical provider if needed, and the environment is so calm and soothing. If you’re unsure about what you need or what you’re looking for she will take the time to help you understand.

Misty Shurtliff, Liberty Lake

Holistic Health Assessment

Rochelle believes that holistic health encompasses more than just physical well-being. She considers the mind-body connections, addressing emotional and mental aspects and physical health. This empowers you to develop healthier relationships with food, improves overall vitality, and reduces stress.

Personalized Nutritional Plan

The ultimate goal of Nutrition Response Testing® is to provide you with a personalized roadmap to better health. Her tailored plans are based on your unique needs, health goals, and dietary preferences. Each plan is designed to be sustainable and give you the nourishing lifestyle you crave.

Root Cause Resolution

Instead of managing symptoms, Nutrition Response Testing® looks to identify the underlying nutritional imbalances in your body. As the root causes of your health issues are identified, you can make long-lasting improvements in your well-being.

The Science of Nutritional Response Testing®

Rochelle’s Nutrition Response Testing® is firmly grounded in scientific principles. She takes ongoing training to maintain her certification and ensure that she delivers high-quality, science-based testing solutions for your health.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Rochelle will create personalized nutritional recommendations based on your specific needs. This approach targets the underlying causes of health issues, rather than simply addressing symptoms.

Non-Invasive and Drug-Free

NRT is considered non-invasive and drug-free. It involves manual testing techniques, using applied kinesiology, to assess muscle responses in order to identify potential imbalances or weaknesses in the body.

Holistic Approach

NRT seeks to address the body as a whole, taking into account various factors that may be contributing to health issues. This includes considering diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and emotional well-being.

Emphasis on Whole Foods and Natural Supplements

NRT promotes the use of whole foods and natural supplements as a means to support the body’s healing processes. This involves recommendations for specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other dietary supplements.

From the second I walked in, I felt comfortable and relaxed!

I went in to see Rochelle and from the second I walked in the door I felt comfortable and relaxed. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in all things health. I have no doubt she helped with my ongoing liver issues. She is such a kind and passionate person and that shows through the work that she does. I would recommend her to anyone!

Kala Betschart


Listens and supports every step!

Rochelle Clark is professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  I am thrilled I found her to treat my Lymphedema. She listens and supports every step of the journey. Rochelle’s experienced in several fields of healing and therapy. Highly recommend her services and more importantly she is a wonderful person!  

Tamara Zink


Her gift has made a true impact on my health!

Rochelle is so informed and professional. She has helped me significantly with my breast health and overall lymphatic system. She is a Gem and with her gift it has made a large impact on my overall health!

Somer Donovan

Post Falls

Frequently asked questions about Nutritional Response Testing

How does Nutrition Response Testing® work?

Nutrition Response Testing® works by evaluating the body’s responses to specific nutritional cues, allowing experts like Rochelle to pinpoint areas of deficiency or imbalance. This testing component gives way to details you would otherwise be unable to identify.

What can Nutrition Response Testing® help with?

Nutrition Response Testing® is ideal for helping with various health issues, such as allergies, fatigue, chronic conditions, and digestive issues.

How many sessions are required to see results?

The number of Nutrition Response Testing® sessions needed will vary from person to person. Many people experience improvement in just a few sessions, but you may have to have a few sessions to enjoy the greatest level of benefits.

Should I expect to receive dietary recommendations based on testing results?

Yes. Rochelle will help you create a personalized nutritional plan tailored to your specific needs and health goals. This plan will help you get closer to where you want your health and well-being to be.

Ready to transform your health with NRT?