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The Original Castor Oil Pack

Queen of the Thrones® is the #1 practitioner-recommended original heatless, less-mess and reusable Castor Oil Pack Kit designed by a naturopathic doctor to support the relaxed, parasympathetic state.

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Pleasantly Surprised

I’ve been using the Liver Kit for a couple of weeks now and have been pleased with my results so far. The most notable result is the reduction in bloating that I experience randomly. It’s easy to use as well. My only recommendation to make the pack better would be to maybe make the straps a little wider. If I don’t tighten it just right, the straps sometimes cut into my back and sides. Overall, I highly recommend it!

Tammy C

Very easy to use!

The castor oil itself has proven to work well to help with skin irritations, aid in drainage pathway work, and has helped achieve the feeling overall relaxation when used as a pack. Highly recommend! I do wish the fabric packs had a little more life in them, but they are very easy to use and it feels good knowing harmful chemicals won’t leak in with the castor oil from a non organic material/ fabric.

Allison Vaid

The best deep sleep I've had in a while

I’m enjoying the castor oil packs! First night I used it I had the best deep sleep I’ve had in a while. Follow up nights weren’t amazing but I haven’t been a day without it! Love to use it while I’m the sauna.

Andrea Hutsell

Revolutionary Probiotics and Microbiome Health Supplements

The foundational MVPs of Microbiome Labs, these products form the basic protocols for supporting and maintaining a healthy and well-functioning gut. Together they promote microbial diversity, support healthy gut barrier function, maintain key health-supporting commensal gut bacteria, and support a healthy immune function response.

My favorite essential oils to promote health and wellness

When it comes to essential oils, purity is important. Our standards ensure that every drop of our essential oil is as pure and powerful as it gets.

Why would you want to use essential oils? Because a healthier world starts with small, simple changes in the home. The products we use in our homes impact our health and wellness in countless ways.

Superb liquid collagen that is easily absorbed

TrueScience® Liquid Collagen
Get healthy, glowing skin with a delicious blend that activates,
replenishes, and maintains collagen to support firmness and elasticity from within.