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Cupping has been used for thousands of years to treat disease and imbalances in the body. It is believed that cupping originated from hollowed out animal horns to pull venom and other poisons from the body to the surface to be expelled. Over time, cupping has evolved from animal horns to bamboo, glass and silicone cups.

Massage cupping is a highly effective way to enhance your lymphatic massage therapy. While it is beneficial for deeper release of tight tissues, when modified, it can be an extremely gentle way to aid in pre- and post-surgical recovery.

After surgery, adhesions and tight areas often inhibit function and movement, which can cause pain and discomfort. Massage cupping works with the connective tissues in the body to free up these tight areas. The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move through the entire body. These effects can be immediate and profound.

In addition to its many benefits and uses, massage cupping is a natural complement to many other therapies. Cupping works to naturally increase blood flow to stagnant tissue, muscles and skin. Incorporating essential oils into the massage is highly effective because the skin is more absorbent following cupping.

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  • How is massage cupping different than traditional massage?

    Traditional therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage works by applying positive pressure to the muscles.

    Massage cupping can be a more comfortable option than deep tissue massage. It works by applying negative or reverse pressure by using suction to gently lift the skin, tissue and muscles upward. This action aids in separating tight, stagnant muscle fibers from connective tissue, which creates a sensation of relief and release.

  • What are the benefits of massage cupping?

    • Releases rigid soft tissue (such as scar tissue)
    • Drains excess fluids and toxins
    • Lifts connective tissue
    • Bringing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles
    • Engages parasympathetic nervous system to allow deep relaxation
    • Activates the secretion of synovial fluids to release joint stiffness
    • Promotes vasodilatation and increase skin temperature
    • Promotes metabolism of skin tissue for more efficient sweat and sebaceous glands
    • Flushes capillary beds
    • Re-supplies nutrients

  • Does massage cupping help with body treatments?

    Massage Cupping is used for body contouring, cellulite reduction, and recovery from cosmetic surgery, liposuction or tummy lifts. Because it is very effective in releasing rigid soft tissue, it can help loosen adhesions (or scar tissue) with less effort by your practitioner. Combining gentle massage cupping with lymphatic work can provide additional healing support.

  • How does facial cupping help with anti-aging?

    Facial cupping works to plump up lines and wrinkles. It promotes drainage of stagnant fluids from reservoir areas, in turn reducing edema and puffiness in your face. Additionally, facial cupping can loosen rigid muscles associated with TMJ.

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