Clients frequently ask about whether or not they should do dry skin brushing. As a Certified Lymphatic Massage practitioner, it’s my duty to to share information with clients on techniques to effectively stimulate and move lymph. First hand experience is naturally the best option for enthusiastic promotion.

I’ve dabbled off and on with dry skin brushing, and experienced results. However, my level of commitment and and discipline was sorely lacking. How could I honestly share personal testimonials about how awesome dry skin brushing was if I’ve not consistently practiced the technique?

Time for the 30-day challenge!

Adding dry skin brushing was easy before hopping in the shower. Even on the days where it felt like one more task was too much, an additional 2-5 minutes was easy to manage.

What I discovered was transformational!

I’m completely sold on dry skin brushing! Here are the three main benefits I experienced in 30 days of dry skin brushing once a day.

  1. My skin felt so soft and silky! The exfoliation process is the most obvious benefit of dry skin brushing. Shedding the layer of dead skin cells on a daily basis adds a visible healthy glow. On a kinesthetic level, my skin feels smooth and soft – almost as soft as a baby’s bottom!
  2. Increased energy. I consider myself a fairly active and high energy person. I wasn’t expecting the added benefit of increased energy. Daily skin brushing has been an energizing experience, and a great way to jumpstart the day! Stimulating the lymphatic system has been an easy way to support detoxing my body. The natural response is more energy because my body is releasing toxins more efficiently.
  3. Improved appearance of cellulite. Like many women, cellulite has been the bane of my existence. I was pleasantly surprised to find that daily skin brushing is reducing the appearance of cellulite on hips and thighs. I am eager to see what happens six months from now!

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