The benefits of collagen are quite impressive, which is why I take it daily.

But you might be wondering, what exactly is collagen, what are the benefits of it, and which is better liquid or powder?

In today’s post, I take a closer look at each of those questions and help you better understand your options for supplementing with collagen.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most commonly found protein in the human body. Its fiber-like structure is used by the body to make connective tissue. This tissue is used in our bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. It’s useful in strengthening our tissues ensuring that they are strong and resilient. It makes up about 25% to 35% of our body’s protein content.

What You Need To Know About Liquid Collagen

Collagen’s use in the beauty and health industry is prevalent, making it a bit confusing to understand which products are best for you. Let’s answer some commonly asked questions to help you make sense of this product.

Is liquid collagen better than powder?

Not all collagen is created equal. The collagen that I use is a liquid form, instead of a powder, because it is easily and highly absorbable. Since I’ve made the switch to liquid over powder, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my skin’s plumpness and the receding of fine lines and wrinkles. The benefits of liquid collagen far outweigh those of powdered.

What is liquid collagen?

Liquid collagen is essentially the liquid form of powdered collagen. However, it is typically higher in protein and far easier for the body to absorb and use, than powder.

How long before collagen supplements start to work?

For most people who use it, collagen takes up to eight weeks to start working. After that, you should notice improved skin health and joint pain relief. Once you hit about 12 months of use, your bone health will also start to improve.

Top 5 Benefits of Collagen

Now that you have some basic knowledge of what collagen is, I want to talk about the top benefits of collagen. Keep in mind, I base these benefits on the highest quality collagen supplements available, which is the one I take. The supplement I use also contains antioxidant support, which is important for the natural absorption of collagen.

Since December, I’ve been taking this supplement and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of my skin. It plumps up fine lines and wrinkles and improves the texture of my skin, which is much softer and more supple.

Let’s explore what benefits you can expect from taking it.

Healthy Aging for Skin, Hair & Nails

One of the top benefits of collagen includes healthy aging for our skin, hair, and nails. By combining collagen and biotin, you can enjoy far stronger hair, skin, and nails while promoting long-term growth and stability.

Promotes Gut Health

In addition to helping the exterior of our bodies, collagen also rebuilds tissues from the inside, which includes our gut lining and other tissues within it. Since I’m a bit of a gut health geek, I’m very excited to see what collagen can do to support it. Learn more about gut health.

Antioxidant Support

The supplement I take also helps your body fight environmental free radical damage on a cellular level. This means those pesky toxic, anti-aging molecules are reduced dramatically when you take them.

Improves Your Joint Health

If you want to replenish collagen that you’ve lost over the years to aging and prevent more loss of your joint health, you need to take collagen. Doing so can help keep your joints strong from head to toe.

Support Heart Health

Another way that collagen benefits our health is its support of our cardiovascular system. Collagen tripeptide supplementation can help reduce markers of atherosclerosis, which is one of the signs of coronary artery disease. It may also help fortify blood vessel walls, reducing the risk of artery disease.

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about your health, you can’t overlook the power of collagen. Consider investing in liquid collagen and making it a part of your regular supplementation. Invest in a quality collagen brand and watch as your skin changes, as I have.

I highly recommend using collagen.

And if you’d like other ways to improve your health like lymphatic massage, please reach out to me directly for more information or to set up your first appointment.