I’m a firm believer that gracefully aging is possible for anyone.

If you want to age with grace, dignity, and ease, there is one action I strongly recommend you take: daily yoga.

Yoga is a great way to keep that spring in your step well into your golden years. Yoga includes elements that are critical as we age.

As a lymphatic massage therapist, a large percentage of my clientele are women who are over the age of 40, and many of whom span up to 90 years of age!

Most of my clients are also looking for a low impact exercise they can do daily. I tell them, start doing yoga!

But why do I recommend this practice and what are the daily yoga benefits you can expect?

Yoga Covers the Fundamentals of Fitness

The purpose of yoga is to build harmony, strength, and awareness of both the mind and body. The only area yoga doesn’t cover is high-intensity cardio.

Of course, it’s equally easy to get caught up in the idea that yoga is simply stretching. But it is so much more.

Our bodies, regardless of age, are designed to move with functionality in mind. With yoga, you gain strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and that delicious mind-body awareness and confidence we all crave. With regular practice, you can enjoy weight reduction and protection from a muscular injury. There are many other daily yoga benefits that improve your health and mental clarity.

There are over  a dozen different styles of yoga and hundreds of postures. Nearly all types include breathing exercises, meditation, and postures (also called asanas). The infusion of a mental connection alongside a fitness program creates lasting results for both the mind and body.

To live a long, happy, and healthy life, I highly recommend a regular yoga practice.

Yoga Aids in Recovery

Most of my clients either have lymphedema or are recovering from surgery. Those with lymphedema report more relief and reduction of swelling with mindful yoga practice.

Thanks to the gentle, yet effective, movements of yoga, lymph fluid is able to move more effortlessly through the limbs. Instead of accumulating fluids in your body, yoga keeps fluid moving properly if you practice it regularly.

Additionally, our lymphatic systems are challenged when our body and mind are stressed. Since yoga has well-known relaxation properties, it works wonders for the lymphatic system.

For clients recovering from elective surgeries, restorative yoga is equally helpful for adding movement back into their routine without causing undue pain.

Where To Start

There are so many benefits of yoga, regardless of your age or health status. Getting started is also easy since yoga is a beginner friendly fitness exercise.

Some suggestions for getting started include:

-Finding a local yoga practice and attend a beginner’s class

-Use YouTube to find a yoga trainer for at-home yoga

-Learn a few simple postures and practice them daily for long term results

I also highly recommend checking out my Tips & Tricks for Self-Lymphatic Massage to practice in between your sessions. You’ll be amazed by how great your body and mind feel when you infuse both these practices into your daily routine.