How frequently should I get a lymphatic massage?

June 19, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

How often should I get a lymphatic massage? That’s a question I’m asked fairly frequently. Lymphatic drainage massage is frequently recommended post-operations, particularly for liposuction, breast augmentation or reductions. In my previous post, I outlined my recommendations for individuals who have had surgery, but today I want to talk about lymphatic massage in a more broad context. Here is how often you should get a lymphatic massage to keep your body healthy and happy.

How Often Should I Get a Lymphatic Massage If I’m Healthy?

Depending on your physical condition, the results you wish to achieve, and when you start treatments, the frequency of your lymphatic massages will vary. In most cases, if you receive a massage from a licensed, trained and certified lymphatic massage therapist, you can experience real results in 24 hours or less. However, lasting results are dependent on the frequency of your massage sessions.

For example, if you find yourself worn out, tired, and stressed lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to restore your body. To achieve the full benefits of a recharge you’ll need to go in for a least four sessions. This allows your body to recharge and helps your lymphatic massage work through built up toxins.

Looking to detox your system for weight loss or to restore your immune system can be a bit more complicated. This is because much of the results depend on you and your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. If you receive four sessions of lymphatic massage and then continue to eat poorly or don’t exercise, it might not be as beneficial as it could be for you.

My recommendation for weight loss or immune support lymphatic massage treatments is to come in for a minimum of four treatments, continue to change your lifestyle for healthier habits by incorporating foods that benefit your system, and then within two months of your last session come in again. This gives your lymphatic system the support it needs.

If you are physically active on a daily basis, I recommend year-round lymphatic massage. Two to four massage sessions within a month at least 4 times per year is a good basis for active individuals. This helps keep your immune system strong and ready to take on any physical challenges.

How Do I Know if I’m a Good Candidate For Lymphatic Massage?

Virtually everyone is a good candidate for lymphatic massage.  However, if you suffer from any physical condition such as congestive heart failure, deep vein thrombosis, have an acute infection or fever, or are taking medications, please speak to your doctor before booking a massage session. Outside of that, I highly recommend lymphatic drainage massage.

If you’re a good candidate, receiving a lymphatic massage from a trained and professional lymphatic massage therapist is a great way to relax your body, restore your systems, and feel great.

If you’d like to know more about the process or what to expect, please reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you!

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  1. Hazel Richardson says:

    Hi There
    I have bought the ginger oil and am massaging at home. Must this be done once a week or more often



    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Hazel, each person has unique and individual needs. I am not able to “prescribe” how often or how much you should be applying essential oils. I recommend experimenting to see what works best for you. Definitely dilute and use sparingly.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Is there any OTC.products that are good for lymph drai age.

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Sylvia, there are several OTC products that support the lymphatic system. I am not able to recommend a specific product because I do not have personal experience using them. It also depends on exactly what you are seeking to support. You can contact your local herbalist for some good suggestions. I use essential oils and perform dry skin brushing to support healthy lymph flow. Some of my favorites are bay laurel, cypress and grapefruit mixed with coconut oil.

  3. Melissa says:

    Great information on lymphatic massage. Even though it’s only marshmallow pressure it works! I have used it a few times myself. ❤

  4. Laraine says:

    I went for a lymphatic drainage facial that used a machine. I found the machine a little too forceful although I liked the results. Is a machine in any way better than manual methods?

    Also, the spa where I got it says that the best results fo rthe face require lymphatic drainage once a week for 6 weeks and then once a month. What would be the benefit of the 6 week regime? Since I live quite far from the spa, I’m more inclined to do it once a month. It seems a little much to me. What is your opinion? Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer.

  5. Lucy Karrys says:

    I am in a healing crisis and working with a homeopathic/ herbalist to heal certain aspects of the underlying infections of autommune issues. My Axillary Lymphs are swollen,as is my abdomin . My Allopathic Doc wants to do steroids and biopsies which I wish to avoid. I was trained in five different forms of massage back in the 70-80’s and self Myofacia massage about 3 years ago . These days I use my massage training on myself and my family only. I just learned self Lymph massage on a video from a Physical Therapist out of the University of Michigan.
    How often can I use this Lymph massage ? Daily ,Several times a day ,weekly ? If it helps to know I am very active physically,walking 1-2 times a day swimming 2-4 a week and doing Yoga once a day. Thanks , Lucy

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Lucy, I understand your desire to avoid steroids and biopsies. Of course, you are in charge of your decisions. As a general rule, once a day is fine for “most people” to perform lymphatic massage. However, if you are going through a healing crisis, for for those with chronic illness, once a day may be too much. Lymphatic massage is gentle but profound, and doing too much can overburden your detox pathways. Work with a professional and listen to your body to determine what is the correct amount.

  6. Chance Cook says:

    I think allowing your lymphatic massage to get through toxins that have built up would be important. Those toxins could harm you in multiple ways. So taking time to allow them through could help out a ton.

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