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Introducing a whole new world of wellness and self-care. Our breast massage services are designed with your comfort, health, and total relaxation in mind. Rochelle provides gentle and nurturing breast massage treatments that promote well-being, comfort, and stress relief. Whether you’re looking for lymphatic drainage massage after breast explant surgery or support for your breast health, this service enhances your self-care routine. Discover the benefits of this specialized treatment.

What Is Breast Massage?

Therapeutic breast massage is typically a part of an overall treatment plan for lymphatic massage clients. With informed consent within a wellness framework, breast massage services can be highly beneficial. One of the primary reasons Rochelle sees clients for breast massage treatments is post-cancer care. With 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, this treatment is in demand. Learn more about the benefits of breast massage below.

60 Minutes – $150
90 Minutes – $220
120 Minutes – $300

My breasts are softer, fuller and no longer sensitive to the touch!

Rochelle has completed eight treatment sessions focused on this area of concern, as well as on my general breast health. With her expert work, the hardness of the lymph has softened and I have experienced the benefits of additional movement and flow in this area; as well as an overall increase of energy. A surprise benefit of the work is that my breasts, which have always been painfully sensitive, have become softer, fuller, and are no longer painful to the touch.

Connie, Post Falls

Her gift has made a large impact on my health!

Rochelle is so informed and professional. She has helped me significantly with my breast health and overall lymphatic system. She is a Gem and with her gift it has made a large impact on my overall health!

Somer Donovan, Post Falls

The most thorough session I've ever had!

Rochelle does the most thorough session I’ve ever had, getting all the lymph moving in your body, not just around the breast area. This has resulted in making the treatments last so much longer. I can’t say enough good things about her knowledge, technique, and bedside manner.

Jan J., Hayden, ID

Breast Explant Massage Support

Breast explant surgery involves incisions, which can result in scar tissue formation. Additionally, many women who have had their breast implants removed have done so after feeling ill for quite some time. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage (MLD) helps to gently remove toxins deeply embedded in the body. MLD also helps prevent any post-surgery complications along with scar tissue, swelling, and pain.

Breast Pain Relief

Breast massage can also be beneficial for reducing breast discomfort and tenderness associated with various conditions like fibrocystic breasts. The gentle manipulation of breast tissue can also reduce tension and pain, leading to relief. 

Stress Reduction

Breast massage can promote relaxation like any other form of massage. This also reduces stress and promotes wellness and healing. This is a great way to promote relaxation if you have experienced stress or trauma to your breasts.

The Science of Breast Massage

Promotion of Breast Health

Regular breast massage can help promote breast tissue health by supporting overall breast well-being. This holistic approach  may assist in early detection of any irregularities.

Improved Blood Circulation

Breast massage can increase blood flow to the breasts. Enhanced circulation may also provide oxygen and essential nutrients to the breasts.

Lymphatic Drainage

Breast tissue contains lymphatic vessels responsible for removing waste products and toxins from the breast, contributing to a healthier breast environment reducing the risk of complications.

Scar Tissue Management

Scar tissue formation is common after breast explant surgery or mastectomy. Massage helps break down scar tissue.

I can’t say enough about the difference in my self-care and recovery!

I found Rochelle after my double mastectomy for cancer. My surgeon recommended I find a lymphatic drainage specialist. Rochelle is the only certified specialist in our area. The treatment Rochelle provides has been the key component in advancing my recovery. I can’t say enough about the difference her expertise has made in my self-care and recovery. In addition, her knowledge as a nutritionist has helped further my wellness. I highly recommend Rochelle if you need support for cancer surgery recovery and treatment.

Julia Petersen

Dalton Gardens

Knowledgeable, understanding and invested in her clients’ well-being!

Rochelle is a master of lymphatic drainage techniques. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and invested in her clients’ well-being. Her treatments always give me great relief. I highly recommend her services to anyone suffering from post-op or post-cancer complications. Like me, you will receive personal treatment that greatly improves your quality of life. I feel very fortunate to have found Rochelle.

Kathy Peterson


Made me feel comfortable at a time when I felt most vulnerable!

I was pleasantly surprised after receiving my first lymphatic drainage massage from Rochelle. I had limited knowledge of the procedure and the benefits it would provide. Rochelle made me feel comfortable at a time when I felt most vulnerable. Her professionalism and expertise in this arena brought me much comfort knowing that I was in “good hands.” The results I continue to receive after each massage are astonishing. I will continue to recommend her services to everyone!

Corrie S


Frequently asked questions about Breast Massage

Is breast massage safe?

Yes, breast massage is completely safe when performed by an expert like Rochelle. Respecting your boundaries and comfort level is a critical component of breast massage, and Rochelle makes sure to assess your comfort levels to create a relaxing experience.

What should I expect from my breast massage?

When performed by a trained therapist, breast massage involves gentle, circular, or rhythmic motions. The pressure would increase or decrease depending on the reason for the massage, lymphatic drainage or pain relief.

How often should I get a breast massage?

Whether you’re looking for breast cancer self-care or if you’re seeking self-care in general, breast massage is an excellent treatment option. Healthcare providers recommend regular breast massage treatments for specific medical or post-surgical care. Ask Rochelle and your doctor for the best recommendation on breast massage frequency.

Who can benefit from breast massage treatments?

Women experiencing benign breast conditions, post-surgical issues after augmentation, explant surgery, and those undergoing breast cancer treatment can benefit from breast massage.

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