VIDEO: Self Lymphatic Neck Massage

June 21, 2016 BY Rochelle Clark

Simple lymphatic massage techniques by Seattle licensed massage therapist Rochelle Clark, LMT, CLT that you can perform on yourself to stimulate the lymphatic system, and drain sinuses and pressure in the head and ears.

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  1. Stephanie Malench says:

    Do you have any other self massage videos? I am unable to find a lymphatic massage therapist in my area and benefited so much from this massage I want to be able to do more on myself.

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Stephanie, Thank you for your comment. At this time, I do not have more self lymphatic massage videos posted. Heather in Louisville, Kentucky has several videos on YouTube. I highly recommend checking them out. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Linda Eaves says:

    I do this each morning after a shower. You explained it very well. Simple and easy to understand. I have a lymph massage oil and use your technique. Many thanks. It’s helping to ease my lipedema symptoms. Who knew such a gentle touch could do so much?

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Linda, thank you for sharing your experience. I love your comment about gentle touch. It is so true. The effects are profound.

  3. Afzan says:

    Hi Rochelle, will this work for cystic hygroma? I have a pretty huge one on my left neck above shoulder and had 2 surgery to remove it but still recur. My last surgery was in 2004 and it has gradually grown so much since then i wish i had learnee about lymphatic drainage massage earlier but im still hoping that it could help me to at least reduce the size of the cyst as i can feel the discomfort of it already. Appreciate your advice

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Afzan,

      I’m sorry you are experiencing this challenge. I highly recommend trying lymphatic drainage massage from a certified therapist. Since a cystic hygroma is due to blockage in the lymphatic system, it may help to resolve the issue and also avoid another surgery. Surgery will create more scar tissue, which can also be a problem. Your therapist will be able to give you tips on things you can do at home to support your lymphatic system.

  4. Galina Shusterman says:

    I have been diagnosed by a MD that i have sluggish colon and i am having for many years bloating , nausea & lymph nodes do flare up in groin and neck area for no apparent reason and then it will bet better. I been told that i have to undergo lymphatic drainage message in doctors office. My insurance is not covering this procedure even though doctor wrote explanation as why its important to have it done. I have been diagnosed with MS 5 years ago and i do gain weight super easy and not able to loose any unless i go on starvation diet for 3-5 days. What can you recommend? Thank you

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Galina,

      It sounds like you would greatly benefit from lymphatic drainage. It is unfortunate that many insurance companies do not cover lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic massage is helpful for sluggish digestion, MS, and it is also helpful for weight loss. Sometimes extra weight is attributed to toxins being stored in fatty tissue. In the body’s infinite wisdom to protect us, it stores toxins in fatty tissues. Lymphatic drainage can help to release the toxins, which is not always pleasant, but beneficial in restoring balance. I highly recommend finding a way to receive these sessions. Sometimes therapists will offer package rates to reduce the hourly fee.

  5. Lisa says:

    This is the best video I have seen by far on this type of massage! Thank you so much!

  6. Jodi Mair says:

    Do you have any techniques to help release cricopharyngeal spasms?

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Thank you for reaching out. I have worked with clients experiencing cricopharyngeal spasms. Lymphatic massage sometimes offers temporary relief. The clients that I worked with also utilized breathing techniques and meditation to help relax the throat muscles, and were working with a doctor.

  7. Laura says:

    Do you know of any lymphatic massage therapists in North Dakota? I am looking for a good one do to EBV and an accident. Thank you for your time.
    Blessings Laura

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Thanks for checking in. I don’t know of any certified lymphatic massage therapists in North Dakota. You may try a network search or reach out to physical therapists. Oftentimes they are trained in lymphatic drainage or know a massage therapist who is.

  8. Addy says:

    You did such a great job explaining. I found this video very helpful and was quite impressed with the results! Can this help treat a swollen lymph node in the neck? Thanks so much!

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      It can help with swollen lymph nodes, depending on the situation. Sometimes swelling can occur with an overload of toxins in the body or when your body is fighting off certain pathogens. Many of my clients have found the neck lymphatic massage to be very helpful for these types of situations. If the lymph node is hard, painful or enlarged beyond what is considered normal toxin overload, it is best to have your physician examine the lymph node.

  9. Trev says:

    Would this be suitable for post head and neck radiotherapy lymphoedema?

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Yes, lymphatic drainage massage therapy is approved and suitable for head and neck radiotherapy. I recommend finding a physical therapist who specializes in complete decongestive therapy in your area.

  10. Elise Ang says:

    Thank you for your video
    I have 2 swollen lymph nodes in the left neck since March this year. Can this help to remove them? How long will it take to see the effect? How many times should i massage in a day?

    Thank you again

    • Rochelle Clark says:

      Hi Elise, Since I have not worked with you or know your medical history, I recommend seeing your primary doctor to rule out any concerns with your lymph nodes. Most often, the lymph nodes can become swollen if your immune system is fighting something. If there are no active infections, you should be fine doing this massage. As to how long it will take and how many times per day, all I can share with you is that it varies from person to person. You should be able to safely do the massage 1-2x/day. Listen to your body.

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