The History of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

December 4, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

I have worked as a lymphatic drainage massage therapist for almost twenty years, but the history of this practice dates back nearly 100 years. Often, my clients ask me how lymphatic drainage massage got its start. Well, in this post I answer that question. Let’s look at how what is also known as the Vodder…


5 Lifestyle Tips to Manage Lymphedema

November 13, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

For cancer survivors, lymphedema is a real possibility. Sometimes this condition continues for months if not years after surgery or cancer treatments. This condition affects the lymph system. Lymphedema interferes with the flow of the lymph system leading to a build-up of fluids in the extremities, face, neck, and abdomen. If you want to manage…

lymphatic system

How to Prepare your Lymphatic System for Surgery

October 30, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

As a lymphatic drainage massage therapist, I have worked with countless clients who are about to have surgery or who have already had surgery. The lymphatic system plays a key role in healing the body post-surgery. It is the body’s cleansing system. When you have surgery, your body is in fight mode. The lymph system…

lymphatic massage benefits weight loss

The Truth About Lymphatic Massage & Weight Loss

October 9, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

Can lymphatic massage help me lose weight? That’s an often-asked question in my office. The answer is complicated. Lymphatic massage benefits weight loss, but perhaps not in the direct way you expect. Massage is well known to help with detoxification, and detoxing the body can very well produce weight loss. The question is, how can…

lymph drainage massage

Common Misconceptions About Lymph Massage

September 12, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

I’ve been a practicing lymph drainage massage therapist for almost 20 years, and during that time I’ve run into some interesting theories about what I do. I have an intense passion for lymph massage and all the wonderful things it can do for the body. I know it works. To reap the benefits of this…


Important Lessons I’ve Learned from 20 Years as a Lymphatic Massage Therapist

September 4, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

I am a firm believer that the human body is resilient and always desires to move toward balance and health. I’ve witnessed it over and over with clients as a lymphatic massage therapist, as well as with family and friends. Finding balance, however, starts with understanding how our bodies function. As someone with almost twenty…

Lymphatic System Checklist

The Ultimate Lymphatic System Checklist

July 24, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

Health is not limited to one area of the body. It is a holistic, ongoing process. For example, did you know that a healthy lymphatic system function is of paramount importance to everything from weight loss to heart health? As a lymphatic massage therapist, I have helped countless clients achieve better health through the healing…


Cellulite—It Doesn’t Have to Be Your Fate

July 17, 2018 BY Rochelle Clark

  In a previous post, I touched on the benefits of dry brushing for your skin, but today’s post will go a bit further into the benefits of lymphatic massage specifically as a cellulite treatment. For many women, cellulite causes anxiety, embarrassment, and even depression. The good news is, there are ways to curb cellulite…


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