Using castor oil on breasts has been an ancient practice, but it wasn’t until recently that experts began researching why it helps improve the health of breasts.

In this last of my series post, we’ll look at why you should consider using castor oil for breast health.

Let’s get into it.

Why Use Castor Oil for Breast Health?


Breast health is so important that 42,000 women die of breast cancer yearly in the US. But did you know that using castor oil for breast health is a great way to improve your chances of preventing breast cancer?

Applying a castor oil pack to the breast tissues helps in multiple ways, including in improving the circulation and lymphatic drainage of the breast. This process helps eliminate tissue toxins and increases nutrition for the repair and maintenance of the breast.

This simple application is a great way to improve the quality of breast tissue and helps with preventative maintenance.

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Benefits of Using Castor Oil for Breast Health


There are multiple benefits to using castor oil packs on your breasts. One of which is increasing the lymphatic flow. Lymphatic flow is crucial for breast health, and when used in combination with gentle self breast massage or a massage roller, the results are enhanced.

A gentle breast massage around your breasts naturally increases blood supply to your muscles. It also assists in removing toxins throughout your body.

Another reason castor oil is so important for breast health is that it helps control inflammation. A strong immune system is key to health and cancer prevention. One study showed that castor oil packs increase a type of protective white blood cells known as T-11 lymphocytes.

Castor oil packs have been shown to reduce substance P, a neurotransmitter involved in pain response, by controlling inflammation. The less of it you have, the less you’ll be in pain. This is one of the reasons why it’s used where pain is high.

Finally, another way that castor oil benefits the breast is by rebalancing hormones. A properly balanced endocrine system keeps skin glowing, the mind and body sharp, and gives you more energy. The result is less stress hormones and more feel-good ones!

You can’t beat castor oil’s benefits, especially considering how affordable it is to use!

How Often Should You Use a Castor Oil Pack?


I recommend using a castor oil pack on your breasts 1-2 times per week when actively trying to improve your breast health. Some women use them daily for a short period of time. Using it at least once per month is my minimum recommendation for breast health.

There you have it!

This concludes my 3-part series on how to use castor oil packs, what they are, and my recommendations. I hope you find them a wonderful addition to your beauty and health routine.

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