Recovering from cosmetic surgery, or chemo and radiation therapy can be a grueling process. Often, doctors fail to inform you about the long road to recovery. Your body needs time to heal. To improve the healing process, I highly recommend lymphatic massage.

If you’re unfamiliar with lymphatic massage and why it is beneficial for you, I would love to provide an accurate representation of the process. As one of thousands of lymphatic massage therapists throughout the country, I have been certified to perform this incredible healing technique. Please continue reading to learn more.

The Massage Process

Therapeutic lymphatic massage is a unique light-touch therapy also known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. It involves gentle, rhythmic stimulation of your lymph nodes and lymph vessels. Through the massage, an increase in the normal rate of lymph flow occurs. The slow rhythmic strokes from the massage adjust the skin and connective tissue. This, in turn, creates a gentle, yet powerful, pumping action that promotes regeneration and increases flow to your tissues.

Typically, I perform manual lymphatic drainage therapy on pre- and post-surgical recovery patients. My goal is to promote detoxification throughout your body and reduce fluid retention and edemas. This supports the healing process and reduces scarring and bruising that naturally occurs after surgery.

Our lymphatic systems are sensitive, and even if just one lymph node is compromised because of surgery or radiation, lymphatic fluid can back up and be unable to efficiently transport fluids throughout your body. This leads to swelling and could even cause Lymphedema if left untreated.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy assists the body in a gentle and natural way in increasing lymphatic flow so the body can regain its health.

As a lymphatic massage therapist, I take great pride in watching as my clients look and feel better with just a single session. Our bodies are complex, but when we treat them properly and support them through techniques like lymphatic massage, we get better results. And when we get better results we look and feel our best.

What Conditions Do They Treat?

There are several conditions that lymphatic massage can treat. Some common conditions include neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease, and Multiple Sclerosis, skin conditions, multiple chemical sensitivity, sinus complications, allergies, inflammation, poor circulation, cellulite, arthritis, tinnitus, and even frequent colds and infections.

I have found in my practice that many clients not suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions also feel better after their massage. Our bodies are under constant strain and stress from a world that demands so much of us. Lymphatic massage restores one of our body’s most important systems. If you are feeling run down or sluggish, a lymphatic massage could help.

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And once you book your appointment, check out my blog post about how to prepare for your first lymphatic massage.