Are you considering lymphatic drainage massage after lipo?

Perhaps your surgeon has recommended it, or a friend has suggested it.

Whatever the case, if you’ve not had a lymphatic massage before, you may be curious about why it’s so important after liposuction.

Let’s briefly examine the purpose of lymphatic drainage massage and how it can benefit you after surgery.

How Does Liposuction Impact the Lymphatic System?

Liposuction has a unique influence on the lymphatic system. Liposuction disrupts and destroys lymphatic capillaries within the targeted fatty tissue.

The damage to the lymphatic system from liposuction is not permanent, however. Lymphatic capillaries typically regenerate within about six weeks after the damage caused by the liposuction cannula.

However, there is a risk of ongoing edema. The edema from acquired physical damage like surgery typically resolves within 2 to 9 months. This results from the lymphatic system’s failure to safely remove large-molecular-weight proteins. Both blood and lymphatic capillaries reabsorb interstitial water, and the lymphatic capillaries are the only route for absorbing proteins from the tissue.

When there is a blockage or damage, the proteins accumulate until they’re resolved, which causes painful swelling. This is expected when you have liposuction, but getting rid of it more quickly is easier with post-op care, like getting a lymphatic drainage massage after lipo.

Why Get A Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Liposuction?

Liposuction is major surgery, and Lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to heal after you’ve gone under the knife. Here are a few ways this style of massage can benefit your body.

To Get Rid of Lymphatic Fluid Build Up

Lymphatic fluid build-up after liposuction is problematic. Surgeons often recommend lymphatic drainage massage during recovery because it can decrease recovery time, reduce pain and improve results by helping with post-surgery swelling and scar tissue build-up.

To Reduce Scarring

Scarring is one of the biggest concerns people have when they undergo surgery. The body’s repair processes lead to inflammation which adds new immune cells to the area to help eliminate dead tissue and waste caused by the surgery.

As connective tissue builds up, it’s called fibrosis or scarring. Excessive fibrosis can even be felt to the touch, and scarring diminishes over time.

Lymphatic massage helps eliminate waste more quickly, ensuring your body heals from the surgery.

To Reduce The Risk of Infection & Complications

Infection is common with liposuction or any surgery. However, the longer the body stays swollen with fluid-filled pockets, the longer it takes to heal. The longer it takes to heal, the greater your risk for infection. Lymphatic massage accelerates the body’s ability to move waste, reducing your infection likelihood.

To Reduce Your Recovery Time

Manual lymphatic drainage massage reduces swelling and bruising much more quickly than left alone. It does this by improving circulation and fluid flow within the lymphatic vessels. So, as that process is sped up, the more quickly you are able to get up and feel normal after your liposuction.

Should I Get Lymphatic Drainage Massage Before Liposuction?

Yes! I highly recommend preparing for a more successful surgery by scheduling 1-2 lymphatic drainage sessions pre-surgery.

Doing this clears out toxins and debris and prepares the lymphatic system for what happens after liposuction.

Think about it like cleaning out your pipes. The cleaner they are, the faster your recovery time will be.

How Quickly Should I Get a Lymphatic Massage After Surgery?

Surgeons recommend their patients add lymphatic drainage as early as possible in their recovery. While doing it as soon as possible is a great idea, you must wait until your drainage tubes are removed before receiving a lymphatic drainage massage after lipo.

Feel Better & Be Healthier with Lymphatic Massage After Liposuction

Post-operative care for liposuction should include lymphatic drainage massage. Your body will thank you.

Some results my clients experience after receiving lymphatic massage include:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduction in pain
  • Improve the overall health of the body.
  • Prevent and decreases the severity of fibrosis.
  • Skin tissue is hydrated more efficiently.

So, prepare your body, and improve your health, by investing in a lymphatic massage before and after liposuction!

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